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We Want You To Bother Us

Dated: 05/09/2018

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“I didn’t want to bother you. I know how busy you are…”

We hear that from past clients, friends, and even family, all the time.

But, at that point, it’s too late. And we're not talking about it being too late for us to make money…

We're talking about mistakes having been made, and regrets seeping in. And, at that point, there is nothing we can do to help.

So, we just wanted to let you know that you can and should call us. Anytime. For any real estate need or question. Before you find yourself in the same position as some other folks.

We know how busy you are, so we won’t go into every detail, of every scenario we’ve seen happen in this e-mail.

But here’s a short list, just to give you an idea…

Please, if you want more insight on any of these, give us a ring, or shoot us an e-mail. We're happy to get into more detail with you.

1. You just want to go see a house that is on the market…

(Yes, even if you aren’t serious about buying it. We won’t be pushing you to buy the house. We will be protecting you from making any regrettable decisions. Unfortunately, we hear from people after they got swept up in the moment and bought a house, and they are feeling regret, or have questions about the process or their decision. At that point, we can’t chime in. Because another agent represents them.)

2. You want to know how much your home is worth.

(Yup, we know all about all of those websites that show you the value of your home. And we also know how inaccurate they are. Whether you are just curious, are wondering if it makes sense to sell, or need to get a handle on your net worth…just call. We will give you an accurate value of your home. Our pleasure. Not a bother at all.)

3. You are considering a home improvement project.

(Almost any project you choose to do will certainly raise the value of your home. But, will it raise the value more than it cost you? Better to know whether or not it is money worth spending before you even start.)

4. You are thinking of refinancing.

(Being in the business, we get to know who the good lenders are, and who the not-so-good ones are. We hear way too many horror stories from people about the process being horrendous with such-and-such bank. Or that they felt duped because they were quoted one rate, and were ultimately given a higher rate. Just call, we're glad to give you the names of some people we trust to handle your needs.)

5. You don’t even work in our area.

(Even if you live hundreds of miles away, we can help… before you decide to buy or sell a house. We can’t chime in once you are represented by an agent. But if you call us before, we can remain involved and add our two cents, as long as we have referred you to the agent you use. And we can really help find you a great agent in your area. It’s not always the one with all the signs and sales! Let us do some digging before you just hire anyone.)


As mentioned, this is not a thorough list. We just wanted to give you a sense of some things you may not have wanted to “bother” us with, that we would never consider to be bothersome.

So, would you please “bother” us? It will only bother us if you don’t!

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