First Step For First Time Home Buyers

Dated: 09/26/2017

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The first step for first-time home buyers is the same first step for every buyer…

It’s getting pre-approved for a mortgage.

A lot of people don’t do this right away. They start by looking at houses, online and in-person, guessing at how much they can afford. And this often leads to problems, if not just a lot of wasted time.

There are many reasons to do this:

  • So you know that you can in fact get a mortgage.

  • So you know the price range of homes you need to look at.

  • It will be required by the owner and their agent when you make offers.

  • So you are ready and able to make an offer when you find the one you like. Sometimes you need to act quickly, before other buyers come in with offers. Avoid wasting time when time matters.

  • So you have time to shop around for better programs and rates.

There are lots of options for you to get a pre-approval. For instance, you can certainly look online, or go to your local bank. You don’t need to use the lender who initially pre-approves you.

However, it does make sense to spend some time up front and choose a lender that will fit you best once you are actually going for the loan. You want a lender who will be thoughtful and careful about your entire life picture, not just someone who punches in a bunch of numbers.

I work several lenders we can chose from to fit your individual needs. I can save you some time effort.

Hope this all helps you get a step closer to becoming a homeowner!

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